Frequently asked questions

How do I locate BLU branches ?

Please visit to know about the branches

How to get Dimensions and technical specifications of lift ?

Please call our toll free 1800 120 6212 to know ablut all technical infoamtion or download brouchers from website

What are the typical maintenance requirements for elevators in a residential building?

Everyday elevator rides need to be safe, reliable and accessible for a variety of age groups from children to seniors. Elevator maintenance is also regulated and needs to fulfill local legal requirements. The elevator maintenance process needs to be handled and managed professionally including communication to residents. Elevators are an essential part of a building’s operations and well maintained equipment can increase the value of the building’s apartments

Why do you think your service technicians are most competent?

Our service technicians are true professionals responding quickly to service requests and minimizing the downtime of your equipment. Our service technicians are able to maintain all makes and models, and they have a key advantage when it comes to unique site requirements. Thanks to their local expertise and continuous training, they make full use of our global technical knowledge base. All of our service technicians are trained to use BLU Modular Based Maintenance™ (MBM) method, the most advanced preventive maintenance method in the industry. They use BLU MBM™ to design a service profile and schedule specifically for your elevators, escalators, or automatic doors. With BLU MBM™, service technicians maintain your equipment systematically, monitor the entire system, and replace parts, so they can prevent equipment problems before they happen

How do I choose the most optimal BLU Care™ solution?

Depending on your needs BLU offers three different maintenance solutions. BLU Care™ Standard is perfect solution for you, if you want compliance. This solution ensures full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Preventive maintenance (BLU Modular Based Maintenance) is included to the solution, but call-outs and service repairs are invoiced separately. BLU Care™ Plus is suitable solution for you when you need transparency. In addition to preventive maintenance (BLU Modular Based Maintenance), this solution includes partial coverage of service repair and call-outs, making budgeting more predictable. BLU Care™ Premium is the solution for you, if your business depends on uninterrupted People Flow™. The solution maximizes equipment availability with fast response times to call-outs. There are no unexpected costs as this solution includes preventive maintenance, call-out and service repairs. Through our online services you have easy access to all relevant information about the operation and maintenance of your equipment. All the solutions can be further tailored to your needs with additional service options and service level commitments.