Gearless Traction Machine

We use precision made High Torque Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor gearless traction machines. These Machines are highly efficient and consumes less Power as compared to Geared machines. As there is no Reduction gearbox, the machine ensures high efficiency. These machines are Sealed for life and do not require Oil Change. These machines also provide a smooth ride for the passengers as there is low noise and vibrations as compared to a geared machine. Most of the time the gearless machine is fitted with 2:1 roping which reduces the Kilowatt rating of the Machine required for carrying certain amount of load resulting in better efficiency. These Machines save upto 30% power as compared to geared Machine. This Machine can be used for Machine Roomless applications.

These Machines are used for low as well as for high speed application. All high-rise, high speed elevators use gearless machines.

Gearless Traction Belt Machine

The Gearless Traction Belt machines are modification of Gearless machines with crowned pulleys for using Belts instead of traditional wire rope. This Machine has all the advantages of the Gearless Machines and along with it adapts the latest technology of using PU coated Steel belts instead of Conventional Wire Ropes. This Machine can have main Sheave as small 100mm. These Machines are compact and can be used in machine roomless application.


  • Nearly Maintenance free

  • Easy to install

  • Compact design with high energy saving.

  • Smooth ride with reduced low speed vibration.


  • As synchronous permanent magnet design

  • Machine traction sheave, track and encoder Provided

  • Brushless no brushes for maintenance

  • Rugged cost iron frame with heavy duty components.

Geared Traction Machine

We use precision made geared traction machines to serve the lift industry. These machines use AC induction Motor and Worm Wheel Reduction Gear Box. These Machines are made for Long life and durability. The High Quality Lubricant is used to increase the Life of the Machine.

These Geared Machines are used for speeds upto 2.0 mps and for height of upto 80 meters

Hydraulic Units

All the Hydraulic Units we use are imported from Italy. This Assures world class Quality and reliability. The hydraulic Unit Consumes power only during the up direction travel of the Elevator, during its travel in the down direction the elevator consumes almost no Power.

The Hydraulic units can be suited for various applications including Home Lifts, Passenger Lifts, Car Lifts or Goods Lifts. Hydraulic units can be made suitable for single phase as well as for three phase power supply. Single Phase Hydraulic units are used for Home lift applications.

All Hydraulic units provided by us have manual lowering feature as well as manual raising feature. These features help to rescue passengers in case of power supply failure.