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Timely Maintenance of the Elevator is very important to keep the elevator in good condition. Timely maintenance avoids or reduces the number of breakdowns. If certain component needs to be changed the same can be changed before its expiry, thereby avoiding sudden failures. Maintenance Services include preventive and breakdown maintenance. Preventive maintenance of the lift is done at regular intervals, which helps to reduce the wear and tear of the Elevator during normal operation and also help us keep a check on the parts to prevent future breakdown. Breakdown Maintenance service of the elevator brings the lift in operation. This service is provided whenever there is a breakdown and the call for the same is registered with us.

We have developed the knowledge and the tools to serve you. With professional service technicians, industry-leading maintenance methods, and world-class care centre support, we are able to provide the best service available on all brands of elevators.









                                                                    Service technician

Trained and dedicated professionals

Our service technicians are trained and dedicated professionals, and the front line in our commitment to keeping your elevators and escalators working smoothly and safely. Behind our technicians there is over two decades of maintenance experience. Our staff responds quickly and effectively to all service requests and, using the industry-leading Maintenance method, do what it takes to keep your equipment running and trouble-free.

No one has a better understanding of both BLU and non-BLU equipment, and of best procedures for resolving customer concerns.

Service Technicians

  • Dedicated professionals with world-class technical skills

  • Enabling safe, comfortable, and uninterrupted service

  • Local expertise and continuous training

  • Creative problem solving skills

  • Ability to maintain all makes and models of equipment

  • Fast, accurate equipment diagnosis and quick access to spare parts





                                 Customer Care 

Trained responders ready 24/7 to take your call

The team at our customer care centre is ready 24/7 to take your call. Our call centre system sets the world standard for call handling and technician dispatching.

Your call is answered by staff in one of our national call centres who speak your language, and know your equipment and your situation. All of our staff is fully committed to providing top-quality, responsive service. Our care center personnel are professionally trained responders, following systematic procedures to ensure that each call is handled quickly, and resolved successfully. And we are constantly monitoring service quality and response times and working to improve them.

Customer Care Center

  • Available to answer service requests 24/7

  • End-to-end process to follow through service requests, from receiving call, to dispatching a technician to site, to successful resolution of the request

  • Technicians receive service requests on mobile devices

  • Technicians respond immediately, with full knowledge of the problem










Comprehensive Maintenance of the elevator includes regular preventive and breakdown maintenance, it also includes repair / replacement of the components which need to be overhauled or replaced.

This Maintenance solution assures that no additional cost is incurred for the spares which go out of order during the period of maintenance contract.


Semi Comprehensive

Semi - Comprehensive Maintenance of the elevator includes regular preventive and breakdown maintenance, it also includes repair / replacement of certain components which need to be overhauled or replaced as mentioned in the contract.

This Maintenance Solution assures that the components that are regularly consumed are covered and hence no additional cost is incurred for the same. We have chosen the parts that generally get used up due to normal operation of the Elevator and have included the same into the contract.


Non Comprehensive

Non - Comprehensive Maintenance of the elevator includes regular preventive and breakdown maintenance, it does not include repair or replacement of any component. If any component needs to be repaired or replaced, the same will be charged extra.

This Maintenance Solution is economic however, the basic wear and tear of the Elevator is kept in check and also if any part needs to be replaced the intimation of the same will be given at earliest.

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