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Blu Engineers designs, manufactures, and installs a full line of passenger and freight elevators throughout the Country.

Blu Engineers specializes in hydraulic and traction elevator systems for commercial, healthcare, industrial, and residential facilities in new and existing buildings.

Our Team Provides:

  • Budget estimations

  • Custom engineering

  • Drawing layouts

  • Complete specifications

  • Field surveys

  • Job scheduling

  • Project management

  • Top-of-the-line customer service

  • Ability to accommodate quick installations

  • Minimal building disruptions

Ongoing training is provided, so installation crews remain current with technological advancements and changes in safety codes.

BLU new installation and service assures that your elevators and escalators are always available. The industry’s most highly trained technicians, supported by an entire global network of Installation and maintenance experts, are there to reduce service calls and keep your equipment running.

Our aim is to exceed your expectations by delivering maximum reliability, fewer service calls.


We believe the most important assets of the BLU  Company go home at the end of every workday.


Many people around the Country use Blu elevators and escalators every day without giving safety a second thought. For us, that’s success. We understand that the safe way is the only way.


 Quality has made BLU the most trusted name in the industry.


We must do the right thing every time, and run our business to the letter and spirit of the law. By acting ethically and honourably, we win the loyalty of our customers.


We perform more than 20 advanced tests on every piece of BLU equipment, including tests that mimic worst-case operating conditions and ones that simulate the rough ride our products might have during the journey from BLU facilities to installation sites.

We hand over the lift for customer’s use after stage wise inspection and audit, we believe in zero tolerance.